History of Glue-Fold

GLUE-FOLD was established to provide a much needed service to sheet fed printers to glue and fold flat sheets of paper into self-mailers, application blanks, inserts, and other items requiring the gluing and folding of paper.

The company began as a partnership in 1971 and was incorporated in 1973. Equipment suitable for gluing and folding paper was not available at that time, so used equipment was modified by GLUE-FOLD, to do the job. Several years later an engineering firm was contacted to develop the specialized equipment now in use at all GLUE-FOLD locations. Current GLUE-FOLD staff did most of the pioneering work in this area.

After thirty years, we continue to offer expertise in pattern gluing, strip gumming , spot gluing, attaching, web finishing and folding to over three thousand printers and print brokers nationwide.

In 1990 GLUE-FOLD added the glue-folder Division when it introduced a machine called the Gluefolder. The primary market for this equipment is direct mailers and companies using impact and non-impact printers where data processing is used to produce one piece mailers. The Gluefolder is a computerized gluing and folding machine used to produce one piece mailers from plain sheets of paper without the need for inserting into envelopes or pre-glued paper. The decision to enter this field was based on a conviction that there was a growing need for such a product. Other companies were working to produce such a machine but it was our conviction that with over twenty years experience of specializing in gluing and folding flat sheets of paper, we would produce a superior piece of equipment. Today we are acknowledged leaders in this type of equipment in North America.

To support the Gluefolder, GLUE-FOLD installed a web finishing line at the Northern California plant to make available applications, such as window forms, integrated membership cards, integrated labels, and return envelopes, all of which can be made into self-mailers using the Gluefolder. GLUE-FOLD is now considered a leader in the development of these products.

In 1996 GLUE-FOLD added attaching and tipping services to aid the printers in their search for new avenues of adding value to sheets of paper. This newest of services is just one of the ways GLUE-FOLD continues to lead in the development of new manufacturing technology. Continually enhancing the printer's opportunity for increased sales through added value is a GLUE-FOLD commitment.


GLUE-FOLD is a highly respected and profitable company with an excellent reputation for sales and service to its customers.

Planned growth is a policy that has been adopted by the shareholders and directors of GLUE-FOLD. Calculated risk based on hard facts and implemented by progressive management will keep the company profitable as it continues to grow over the next decade.

With a sound company, managed by experienced people and guided by a strong board of directors which makes use of the resources and advice of its banking partner and CPA's, the profitable continuity of the company is assured.

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