Pattern Gluing

Double-thick Business Reply Card (BRC) Secure Loan Application 
Take-One and BRM Alumni Membership 
Recruitment with Reply Envelope Flavored Glue on 
Product Registration Card Informative Brochure 
with Response Envelope Informative Brochure and Reply 
Form with BRE (Business-Reply Envelope) Loan Application BRM 
with Transfer Tape Adhesive Order Form Self-Mailer 
with Envelope Z-Fold Application with Pocket

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Glue-Fold has the ability to literally Print With Glue. We use a unique adhesive application process that allows us to dry parts of a sheet and leave other parts of a sheet wet. This process allows us the opportunity to form a variety of creative mailing devices. Here is a list of some of the more common items we produce using this proprietary method of gluing:
"You Print, We Convert"

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