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So you want to start an Internet DVD Rental business? 


Can’t afford the high cost of custom DVD mailers at the minimum quantities?


Glue-Fold has the answer! Call (888) GLU-FOLD Ext. 12 or 20


Now, Blank Generic 2-Way DVD mailers that can be ordered, in quantities as little as 1,000 mailers (one carton) at incredible savings over custom printed DVD 2 Way mailers.  For instance, custom orders on minimum quantities of 10,000 envelopes may run as high as forty cents per envelope.  The price for our Generic mailer is only twenty-four cents each* and you only need to order one box to get this price. 


The Blank Generic mailer is printed two colors on two sides with a generic description of just how the rental process works.  However, it has blank areas for placing labels, stamps or metering on the outgoing panel and a blank return envelope for labeling or printing your own address and logo to return the DVD.  At last get the look and professionalism of the big guys at a reasonable price.


This is the least expensive way to purchase DVD 2-Way mailers without having to purchase a large quantity of custom mailers.  Buy one or two boxes at a time, the best way to get started until you can bankroll your business from revenue generation.  Once you get your business off the ground, call us to discuss custom mailers for your operation on quantities starting at ten thousand mailers. 


*Plus shipping and handling.     **Distributor’s please call for prices.

Blue DVD
(A)  BLUE       Our Conventional DVD Two-Way mailer: Mailer weighs less then one-ounce when sleeved DVD is inserted into the pattern-glued pocket.  Perfect for the majority of rental businesses.  Mailed via First Class postage rate of 37 cents.  Mailing size 8 1/8 x 6 1/8.  This is the mailer used by some of the largest DVD Rental companies on the Internet.  The most cost-effective design, with the least expensive method of moving DVDs through the mail.  Breakage levels are less then 4% in most instances and easily acceptable with the reduced postage savings

Green DVD
(B)  GREEN    Larger DVD Two-Way Mailer: This design helps to assure that the mailer will be hand cancelled rather then machine cancelled at the Post Office.  When a DVD is damaged it normally is the fault of the automated stamp cancellation equipment.


The size of 6 ¾ x 7 1/8 moves the mailer to the flat table processing equipment eliminating any damage to the DVD that may occur from the drum/belt cancellation equipment normally used at the Post Office. Internet Game Rental companies seem to enjoy this alternative to our popular Blue 2-Way DVD mailer due to the high cost of  game disks.


The mailer still weighs less then one-ounce when a sleeved DVD is inserted into the pattern-glued pocket qualifying it for the lowest First Class Postage rates.

However, the Post Office requires additional postage of ten cents each way, plus a yearly accounting fee of $495.00 for processing involving the flat table method.  The additional cost of postage is something you need to take into consideration when comparing the two different size mailers.

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