Two-Way mailer for sending/returning DVDs
via First Class Postage

Generic DVD 2-Way Mailer


First Class economical DVD mailer that is opened by end user at perf located on fold.
Lightweight, with DVD weights less then one ounce.
Once mailer is opened there are usage instructions for using the mailer to return DVD.
A perf across one panel has a strip of Transfer Tape below it that will serve as the seal for the flap and return of the DVD.

How Product is Used:

The product is used to send and return DVD rentals utilizing the lower cost of USPS first class automated mail.
A renter receives a disk from the DVD rental company, takes out the new DVD and places a used DVD into the same pocket. The renter then removes the strip of liner covering the adhesive and seals the flap shut. The mailer is pre-printed with the rental company's address and postage paid indicia. The mailer is then dropped into any USPS mailbox for return to the DVD rental company.

Primary Vertical Markets

Advertising/Direct Mail, Computer, Retail

Selling Points

The mailer is lightweight, less then 1 oz with a DVD in the pocket. Save money over the high cost of expensive heavyweight cardboard mailers.
The mailer has a specially designed pattern in pocket to keep DVD from getting in harms way while processing through USPS automated mailing equipment.
The mailer qualifies for postal discounts using post-net barcode first class pre-sort.
Custom printing available
Two transfer tape stripes make it easy to seal and send out, as well as return by customer.

Potential Clients

Internet DVD movie rental companies
Internet CD game rental companies
Company's sending out CD demo discs
Audio CD companies
Ecommerce (On-line) Retailers
Office Environments
Software Developers

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